They are proud to announce our schedule for a virtual SELF to be held Saturday and Sunday this weekend.  This a relaxed affair with modest expectations that is totally free for anybody to attend.  We had tons of submissions for only a tiny number of slots.  To compensate and gauge interest infrequently requested lightning talks, we are turning Sunday into a block of 15-minute lightning talks.  We are opening submissions for those lightning talks …. NOW.  We strongly encourage regular folks who haven’t spoken much before to step up and give a lightning talk a shot.  We’re low pressure, there’s no audience this year to give you stage fright, and we pride ourselves on always giving a chance for the local new speakers to have a shot to speak shoulder to shoulder with some of the big people in FOSS.  We’ll accept lightning talks on the same broad “FOSS centric but anything geeky goes” topics.   More details about lightning talk submissions (including our streaming platform for the event) can be found on the lightning talk submission page.